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We have dozens and dozens of 5 STAR REVIEWS and our guests come back year after year. You save booking fees by by booking direct. Payment can be made by Check, Venmo, or Zelle. (Credit cards are not accepted due to CC processing fees). 

We are on standby the help answer guests questions, but there is also a management company if you have any hands-on issues that come up during your stay. We want you to have the best vacation of a lifetime. 

Owners Katrina and Matt 



Originally from California, we moved to Houston about 20 years ago. We love going to Retreat 23 a couple times a year and sharing our condo with guests around the world--many of which come back year after year.   

How We Found Retreat 23

In 2014. we booked a special Anniversary trip to Rum Point Grand Cayman after stumbling on Retreat 23 online. It was so much more beautiful than the listing at the time showed. It was super private, romantic, had panoramic views, and was just a few steps to two quiet beaches. The snorkeling and sea life was also AMAZING. Curious, we wanted to see how much it would cost to buy a place in dreamy Rum Point. While searching nearby listings, we found the exact condo we were sitting in WAS FOR SALE! We made an offer and became the new owners.  The real estate appraisal said Retreat 23 is arguably the best location in all of Rum Point because it's at the TIP of two beaches. Come and enjoy this little slice of paradise and have the best vacation of your life. 

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