About the Condo and Grand Cayman 

Where is Grand Cayman?

Grand Cayman is is surrounded by some of the most breathtaking turquoise water in the world. Part of the British West Indies, the Cayman Islands are in the Caribbean, somewhere between Jamaica and Cuba. There is plenty of snorkeling, diving, fishing, sailing and boating to be done in Grand Cayman. Many US cities have direct flights to Grand Cayman and Southwest Airlines just began flying here. 


Where is Rum Point Exactly?

No cruise ship views or mass tourtists! Seven Mile beach is the more touristy section of the island with cruise ships and high rise hotels.  Our condo, however is in Rum Point--a more remote, pristine location on the north side of the island. Rum Point has NO CRUISE SHIPS BLOCKING YOUR VIEWS EVER and no large crowds. It doesn't feel touristy like Seven Mile Beach!  Grand Cayman is approximately 22 miles long and anywhere from one to seven miles in width, and is probably best known for being one of the world's top dive and snorkeling sites. The Cayman Islands are a British Colony with a Governor appointed by the British Government. The capital is George Town, located approximately 25 miles from Rum Point.  Click for Map to Retreat

Why should I stay at Rum Point instead of Seven Mile Beach?

Aside from Rum Point being on the non-touristy side, it offers so many fun activities for families and couples in a far less crowded, pristine setting. Seven Mile Beach is no longer considered a remote getaway and the snorkeling is not nearly as good as Rum Point. We have seen sea turtles, stingrays, nurse sharks, lobster, and every kind of tropical fish imaginable RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR CONDO. There is a dock next door where you can leave on excursions to Stingray City, Sunset Cruises, etc. The Retreat at Rum Point is ideal because you have Rum Point beach right next door with burgers, sandwiches, cocktails, hammocks, swim areas, and an excursion center with rentals of all kinds. But you can still come back to the exclusive privacy of the Retreat beaches where there aren't many people at all. Our unit is far forward and at the very tip of two gorgeous beaches. It's absolutely perfect! 

How do we get to The Retreat at Rum Point from the airport?

 It's about 40-45 minutes from the airport. Click for Map to Retreat


Is Grand Cayman Safe for Tourists? 

Yes, it is very safe and welcoming to tourists, unlike many other Caribbean destinations. Peddling/soliciting is against the law in Grand Cayman so visitors are never approached by solicitors peddling items or asking for money.  The crime rate is very low, especially in the remote area where The Retreat at Rum Point is located. Our condo has never had any reports of crime or issues.


What’s the weather like? 

Perfect! The islands are warm year round with cooling trade winds. The dry season lasts from December to April, with February and March the driest.  Like most islands, a little rainfall here and there is normal and usually passes quickly. Total annual rainfall averages 46 inches. Temperatures range from a low in February of 78-82 F to a high in July and August of 85-90. The sea temperature is 78-82 in winter and 82-86 in summer.  

Should I rent a car?

Yes. Rental cars are reasonably priced and you can choose from many carriers including Avis, Budget, Hertz, etc. Having a car will allow you to vacation in remote Rum Point but venture out to visit many landmarks and fun destinations all over the island. GPS sometimes doesn't register the location so it's best to ask the car rental people for directions to Rum Point.  See Maps page


Who is this a good vacation for? 

Because unit 23 has no stairs and has immediate beach access to two beaches, this condo is a big hit with everyone! Couples of all ages who want a romantic getaway, honeymoon or special anniversary trips. It's also PERFECT for families with children of any age.  Older people also love unit 23 because they don't have to walk up and down stairs or walk too far to the beach--it's literally right in front of you on two sides! We prefer parties of 4 people or less to keep our wear and tear down. We will sometimes allow a third child to make a max of five people if they share beds. 


Who won't like Rum Point? 

We can't think of anyone because it's really an amazing place!  But perhaps singles looking for lots of clubs, crowds and action might be disappointed that this is more exclusive and private. If you want a lot of bustling nightclubs and crowds, or came here to meet other singles, you should find a location on Seven Mile Beach or drive there from Rum Point. Basically, it's the best couples and family vacation spot ever! 


What’s a typical day for Rum Point Retreat condo guests?’ 

You will awake to panoramic ocean views all over unit 23– it’s truly amazing! Many guests enjoy a quiet, morning walk along the beach and dock or just kicking back and sipping coffee on the beach or your private screened in 40 foot porch and watching the sunrise. Then, you can play in the beautiful turquoise beach, lay on a raft, snorkel, rent kayaks or jet skis, beachcomb, or just lie on the beach and do nothing. Refilling your drink is easy, just walk into your condo right behind you or walk to the bar next door. Many guests will have lunch like a burger and a Mudslide or Sunset Punch or other cocktails at the Wreck Bar & Grill beach cafe just down the sand. Many families and couples will book excursions through Red Sail Sports (next door on the sand) or or go to the World Famous Stingray City just five minutes away by boat or walk/drive to Starfish Point (about a mile away). There is also the Bioluminescence nightime Kayak Tour that is amazing! Some guests will take a day trip to the busier side of the island to see The Turtle Farm or Swim with the Dolphins.  Some vacationers choose to cook in the condo while others prefer to dine at local restaurants or on the beach out front. (There are a couple picnic tables for you to enjoy right outside). You can also request a grill from the managers if you don't see one in front of our condo.  Then sip cocktails on the beach, watch the stars, and listen to the soft sounds of the ocean as your background music. We often take a night walk on the Rum Point dock and bring squid (available at little gas stations, etc) to feed to the stingrays and other fish.  It’s pure bliss! 

Is there a Pool at The Retreat?

Yes, there is a refreshing pool at the Retreat and it's just a short ways away from unit 23. There is also an outdoor shower to rinse off from the beach just steps from the condo.

What time is Check-in/Check out? 

Check in anytime after 3 PM. Check out is 10 AM. (Maids need time to prepare the unit for the next guests). 

What should we bring?  

Water shoes, several bathing suits, sun hats/glasses,  snorkeling gear, resort clothes, and sun screen, your own toiletries, etc.  You won’t need dress up clothes and rarely will you need a jacket;  Island wear is acceptable even at the nicest restaurants. We recommend bringing a little medicine baggy with tylenol, benadryl, tums, etc. You are allowed to bring some alcohol to the island. Four bottles of wine, a liter of spirits, or a case of beer. (See Grand Cayman customs for details) 

What does the condo have? 

The condo is stocked with towels, bedding, beach towels, linens, dishes, pans, utensils, glasses, barware. It has a fridge with an icemaker, stove, microwave, dishwasher, standard coffee maker, blender, electric can opener, toaster, blue tooth/CD player, blow dryer, and alarm clock. Our unit has two master closets-one very large and one small, both with hangers and a large dresser.  We keep both our large and small closet open for guests whereas other units will lock this to keep their personal belongings. The condo also has two bathtubs with showers and a third half bath. We ask that you leave the condo as nice as you found it. A complete inventory of items will be conducted upon check out. The most common thing we lose is beach towels which will cost you $20 to replace so please remember to return these from the beach and excursions.

What about grocery stores?

Like most places in Grand Cayman, grocery stores accept US cash and credit cards just fine. We recommend stopping at the grocery store and stocking up on food and drinks prior to arriving. There is almost always a liquor store next to grocery stores.  The unit has a coffee maker but does not provide coffee. You need to bring your own shampoo, laundry detergent, extra paper towels/toilet tissue when you are at the Supermarket.   This is a non-touristy part of the island so there is a short drive to get groceries. There is a very small 'emergency' grocery store, Chisholm’s, 5 minutes away, but most people stop at Hurley’s at Grand Harbor, 10 minutes from the airport, on their way to Rum Point. Hurley’s is a full size, US style grocery store (supermarket). There is also a Foster’s in Savannah, 5 minutes closer to The Retreat  with a somewhat smaller selection than Hurley’s. There is also a Foster’s Express at East End which is smaller again, but still with a better range than Chisholm’s. IMPORTANT: GROCERY STORES ARE NOT OPEN ON SUNDAY! Some restaurants are open so you can plan to eat out that day if you arrive on a Sunday. Or you can contact www.caymanshoppers.com to pre-stock your unit with groceries if you prefer not to do the shopping or want to arrive on a Sunday with groceries stocked.

Are there any restaurants?  

Yes, right next door is the affordable Wreck Bar and Grill that serves burgers, fish sandwiches, delicious cocktails and the food is usually served from 10 – 5.   They are known for the Mudslide and Sunset Punch cocktails! Rum Point Club is right there as well and is an upscale restaurant that serves dinner usually Tuesday-Friday with a beach BBQ once a week, usually on Mondays (Watch for the signs). Also close by is the Kaibo Beach Bar & Grille, open most days until about 10 PM.  Kaibo also has an upstairs restaurant, the Yacht Club, for more of a  fine dining experience. You're on an island so dress is always casual. Kaibo also has a Beach BBQ and other special events. A few minutes down the road trom Rum Point is Over The Edge, which is reasonably priced restaurant and bar, and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, and overlooks the beautiful ocean. Within 15-20 minutes of The Retreat are several other restaurants: Tukka, an upscale restaurant, The Lighthouse, and a few more. Pizza is available at Domino’s (near Foster’s in Savannah) and Pizza Hut near Hurley’s.  There is also a Subway sandwiches on the East where guests sometimes like to stock up on sandwiches. Our advice: don’t try to have a pizza delivered--this is an island so you might end up waiting a long time and paying too much! Instead, pick up a pizza at Hurleys or at a pizza parlor when you are doing your grocery shopping and bring it home or cook it yourself in the condo. Here is a link to some local eateries.  (Filter your search to show RP, NS, or EE for closest restaurants) 

What other amenities are there at Rum Point? 

Next door on the sand is Red Sail Sports which rents all sorts of water craft and also arranges trips to see the world famous stingrays at Stingray City--it's just a few minutes by boat!  Best of all – and it's free - is the amazing beaches, and the shallow water just outside the condo. Also free is snorkeling which can be done right out front of the condo, as well as rafting, etc.  You can make a day trip and drive to Turtle Farm or drive to one of the Dolphin encounters as well as many other sightseeing opportunities. And, of course, many people come for the world class scuba diving --there are diving trips departing from the dock. You can also rent a kayak at The Retreat and it's a bit less than the excursion desk next door. The island is only 22 miles long so it's easy to get just about anywhere. 

Where are some other great Snorkeling Sites? You can step outside and snorkel all around The Retreat at Rum Point and it's marvelous. For super close by snorkeling, count to about the 16th light post on the dock and swim right toward the condo. There is usually a reef with tropical fish right there! We have spotted Sea Turtles, sting rays, a small shark, a moray eel, and tons of colorful fish in the waters close by!  Click here for some additional snorkeling spots.


What about money and credit cards in Grand Cayman? 

Virtually everyone accepts US dollars and credit cards, but the prices on everything are usually listed in Cayman money (CI). After the conversion, your cost for the merchandise will be about 20-22% above the posted cost of the item or meal if you’re using US money. (Written 2016).


Is there snorkel gear there? 

Yes, there is often a variety of snorkel gear, swim shoes, floats and a couple of sand toys that you may use while you're there, but if you plan to do lots of snorkeling, we encourage you to bring your own so you'll have the right fit/sizes. We buy ours on amazon and read the reviews to find ones we like. 


Is there maid service?

The condo is sparkling clean and ready for your arrival. It's nice to leave a gratuity when you leave. 

Who do I call if there's a problem when we arrive? 

You should call or stop by management office and see Thelda, Gigi or Gina. They work weekdays and Saturdays usually. You can also email the owners at retreatatrumpoint23@gmail.com.  We usually answer quickly and can help guide you on what to do as best we can from the U.S.  The management office is usually closed on Sundays, but there should be no issues with your arrival. 


Who are the owners? 

We are a husband/wife team based in Houston, Texas. We came to Rum Point for our own anniversary vacation and fell in love with this condo and with the whole Rum Point area. WOW!! Before our vacation was over, we had made an offer to buy unit 23 we loved it THAT much. It was definitely the best vacation of our lives and we knew this was a dream destination that would be appealing to others too. We want all our guests to have the most fantastic vacation of their lives and try to stock it with all the little niceties we would want on our own vacation. 


Email the owners Matt and Katrina. We are happy to assist you!